The Global Policing Database (GPD) is the world’s only web-based and searchable database that captures (at the current time) over 3,500 published and unpublished experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations of policing interventions from 59 different countries. The GPD has drawn on 293,616 searched and screened records to create the current corpus of 3,586 scientifically rigorous policing evaluation studies, with system management being provided by UQ. We seek to realise the GPD’s full global potential by incorporating innovative machine learning solutions to expedite document processing, and extension of the years of evaluation research covered in the database. These techniques would be used to build end-to-end platforms that automate the searching and screening and develop and implement optimisation technology into the user interface.

Project members

Dr Guido Zuccon

Affiliate Academic
Centre for Health Services Research
Associate Professor
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering