Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with hundreds of thousands of new diagnosed cases each year. Early detection is one of the most important factors in their prognosis - currently the most effective method for improving the early detection rate is patient skin self-examination complemented by physician directed examination. However, as a primary screening mechanism, this total body skin examination is an exceedingly time-consuming process. This project aims to develop technology to automate patient skin self-examination, providing the means to conduct convenient and personal full-body scans for the purpose of ongoing monitoring of skin health. Presenting the general public with this ability would allow skin cancer to be detected at a much earlier stage and thereby dramatically increasing overall patient survival rates. The outcome of this project would be a diagnostic platform for early detection of melanoma, including a mobile phone based total body scanner and a AI driven diagnostics tool providing a highly patient-tailored, early diagnosis platform for melanoma and keratinocyte skin cancer.

Project members

Professor Peter Soyer

MRFF-NG Practitioner Fellow
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute