Advances in computer power, big-data analysis, and digitalisation have underpinned the pathway to Artificial intelligence (AI), which can be described as the capacity or ability of a machine to learn and solve problems.

Digital transformation is dramatically changing the way business operates, engaging almost every sector of the economy along the way.

Artificial Intelligence is also a powerful tool to improve business processes and will have a global impact on the future workforce through the transformation of the relationship between people and technology.

Advancements in AI are estimated to contribute as much as US$15.7 trillion 1 to the global economy by 2030 and AU$315 billion to the Australian economy by 2028.

The University of Queensland recognises the long-term implications of AI and has invested strongly in building capability in AI research and its application.

Our interdisciplinary team comprises academics and professional staff from across the university – bringing together experts from technology, mathematics, physics, business, law, social and political sciences to address global challenges.