What is your question about what we can predict from social media with AI? We'll have the answer at this Ask me anything session.


Professor Xue Li

Xue Li is a Professor in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. He leads a research team working on two ARC-funded projects on Social Computing research. His team has recently created a new software system, Opinion Search Engine (OSE). OSE searches social opinions from social communities across all publicly available social networks using big data fusion techniques, offering users a comprehensive dashboard visualisation tool on issues discussed on social media. Over the past 15 years, he has published more than 160 research papers. The Australian Financial Review named him on its list of the 50 most powerful people in Australia in 2015 for his work on big data.

Associate Professor Nicholas Carah 

Nicholas Carah is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School in the School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland. His research examines the algorithmic and participatory advertising model of digital media platforms, with a focus on the digital alcohol marketing. He is the author of Media and Society: Power, Platforms & Participation (2021), Brand Machines, Sensory Media and Calculative Culture (2016), Media and Society: production, content and participation (2015), Pop Brands: branding, popular music and young people (2010). He is the co-editor of Digital Intimate Publics and Social Media (2018). He has also been involved in research projects on alcohol-related harms and nightlife culture and the use of digital media in fostering cultural change in drinking culture. He is an Associate Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society. He is a Chief Investigator on ARC Discovery and Linkage projects. He is a director of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.

Dr Caitlin Curtis

Caitlin Curtis is interested in science and technology and its impacts on society. She comes from a robust science foundation in genomics with subsequent training and experience in policy and communication. More recently, her work has expanded to be more interdisciplinary, investigating the impact of science and emerging technology on society - with a particular focus on trust in artificial intelligence and emerging genomics technologies She has a deliberate focus on public and stakeholder engagement to foster the important debates required for the responsible introduction of technology.

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