In his book “The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and how to Restore the Sanity”, Alan Cooper argues that a major reason why software is often poorly designed (from a user perspective) is that programmers are in charge. As a result, programmers design software that works for themselves, rather than for their target audience; a phenomenon he refers to as the ‘inmates running the asylum’. In this talk, I will argue that field of explainable AI risks a similar fate if AI researchers and practitioners do not take a cross-disciplinary approach to explainable AI. I will present an overview of the intersection of explainable AI and will present some key examples of how to integrate social science knowledge into these methods for explainability in sequential decision making problems.


Professor Timothy Miller

Tim is a professor of computer science in the School of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne, and Co-Director for the Centre of AI and Digital Ethics. He did his PhD in the School of ITEE at the University of Queensland. His primary area of expertise is in artificial intelligence, with particular emphasis on human-AI interaction and collaboration and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). His work is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, interaction design, and cognitive science/psychology.


Professor Shazia Sadiq

Shazia Sadiq FTSE is a Professor of Computer Science at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland. Her main research interests are innovative solutions for Business Information Systems that span several areas including business process management, governance, risk and compliance, and information quality and use. She is part of the Data Science discipline that has received the highest ranking for excellence in research for Australia in every round of ERA. She has published over 200 peer-reviewed publications and attracted over $10million in research funding from the Australian Research Council, industry and various national and international funding bodies. Shazia has been a devoted lecturer for two decades, and an advocate of learning analytics for improving personalized learning and graduate outcomes. In 2012, she received an institutional award for teaching excellence and in 2016 she spearheaded the highly successful Master of Data Science program at UQ, that is helping overcome skill shortages in Queensland for qualified data scientists. Shazia is currently Chair of the National Committee on Information and Communication Sciences at the Australian Academy of Science, a member of The Australian Research Council College of Experts 2018-2021, and Centre Director for the ARC Industry Transformation Training Centre on Information Resilience 2020-2025.

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