Want to understand how the neural networks in deep learning learn from data, or how AI can be put into practice in the real world? Want to learn the basics and advanced principles of deep learning and ChatGPT? Join us at the 2023 Summer of AI (SAI) from 11-15 December, where you'll hear from UQ's two new Proefssor of AI, as well as some of our leading academics in the field. 

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Summer of AI 2023 schedule

Monday 11 December Keynotes
Time: 12pm-2pm
Room: 47A-351 Sir James Foots Building, Collaborative Room

"A Deep Descent into Loss Landscapes" will explain the loss landscapes of Neural Networks - Associate Professor Marcus Gallagher 

"AI Digital Pathology System" will outline how a state-of-the-art AI digital pathology system was achieved right here in Queensland!Professor Brian Lovell


Wednesday 13 December Workshops


Time: 11am-1pm

11am-12:30pm Deep Learning From Scratch

  • DL Zero to Zero (Dr Shakes Chandra) 
  • HPC Usage IntroductionState of the Art Models

12:30pm-1pm High Performance Compute

  • DL Model ZOO (Dr Shakes Chandra)
  • State of the Art Models (Segment; Anything; nnUNet; YOLO)
Wednesday 13 December Keynote


Time: 2pm-3pm

AI and HPC Infrastructure at UQ in the next 12 to 24 months - Jake Carrol, CTO of UQ RCC


Thursday 14 December Keynotes
Time: 12pm-2pm
Room: 47A-351 Sir James Foots Building, Collaborative Room

The Challenges of Integrating AI in Decision Making - Professor Tim Miller

Advancements of AI in Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models - Professor Shane Culpepper"


Friday 15 December Workshops
Time: 11am-2pm
Room: 47A-351 Sir James Foots Building, Collaborative Room
  • Generative Models
  • Transformers
  • Large Language Models


About Summer of AI

Summer of AI (SAI) is a series of technical events including seminars, workshops, and information sessions, created to:

  • foster a community around AI
  • disseminate AI knowledge efficiently to counter its rapid growth
  • support summer scholars and HDR students undertaking AI-related research
  • connect AI-skilled students with potential supervisors
  • provide development of AI skills for UQ staff and students
  • kick-start AI collaborations across UQ
  • engage with industry in the AI space

The set of events is summarised in the individual event listings below and the exact details/latest info can be found by joining our Slack channel if you haven’t already (currently 600+ UQ staff and students).

These events are available to UQ Students and Staff only. For more information contact the UQAI Collaboratory.

You can also get the schedule by adding the SAI online calendar here.

2022 Summer of AI Video Series

Watch the video series from the 2022 Summer of AI on the UQ Engineering and Computing YouTube channel, or click on the links in the individual event listing below.