Researcher biography

I am a mineral processing engineer with more than 15 years of industrial and academic experience. Planning and implementing multi-disciplinary projects in comminution, flotation and thickening for numbers of the funded industrial project provided me with a strong desire to conduct applied research underpinned by sound fundamental understanding. As the Director of Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC), I will work with world-renowned academics in JKMRC, Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) and the University of Queensland schools on emerging challenges of the mineral industry. Our aim is to develop and deliver technological innovation within a responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework to the minerals industry. Thanks to our connections with SMI's five other Research Centres and UQ's Schools and Faculties, we are in a unique position to pursue our aim. Advance Process Prediction and Control (APPCo), the program which I am leading, aims to transform unit process modelling and simulation, moving on from the steady-state models previously developed at the JKMRC, to create and apply new techniques that make greater use of data generated on-site and sensor technologies in combination with advanced process control, computational analytics and modelling techniques. Research within the APPCo program will focus on four foundation themes: - Integrated process prediction - Dynamic process modelling - Advanced data analytics - Instrumentation and soft sensors

Areas of research