Researcher biography

Dr Curtis is a recipient of the 2018 'ABC Top 5 Scientist Media Residency Award'.

Dr Curtis is interested in science and technology and their impacts on society. She comes from a robust science foundation in genomics with subsequent training and experience in policy and communication. More recently, her work has expanded to be more interdisciplinary, investigating the impact of science and emerging technology on society - with a particular focus on trust in artificial intelligence and emerging genomics technologies She has a deliberate focus on public and stakeholder engagement to foster the important debates required for the responsible introduction of technology.

Dr Curtis was honoured with a 2019 'Australian Institute of Science & Policy Tall Poppy Science Award', recognizing excellence in both research and science communication.

She was also a Queensland 2019 Flying Scientist, with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.


Caitlin's research spans both science and humanities to look at some of the emerging ethical, legal and social issues being created by the advances in genetic technology and artificial intelligence systems, in order to inform policy debate on these important issues. Dr Curtis is a member of the UQ Centre for Policy Futures and the Trust, Ethics, and Governance Alliance Research Hub (TEGA) - which brings together experts from the Business School and the TC Beirne School of Law. She has a depth of experience in engaging with government and the public, and interpreting research into policy.


She also coordinates and moderates the UQ AI Collaboratory's 'Ask Me Anything about AI' series, which is a unique forum that brings together panellists with technical expertise in artificial intelligence, along with experts from across social science, communication, policy, or law to answer audience questions and spark multidisciplinary discussion around important topics relating to AI systems, including: AI social media predictions, facial recognition systems, misinformation and AI, and deep learning.