A future of amplified human potential with artificial intelligence

26 August 2022

On August 11th the UQ AI Collaboratory held a showcase event  at Customs House featuring research in artificial intelligence at the University of Queensland. Over 80 attendees across industry, government and research sector attended the event. 

UQ Vice Chancellor and President, Prof Deborah Terry , provided opening remarks recognising the long-term implications of AI and highlighting a strong desire at UQ to contribute to AI research and its application. 

Professor Shazia Sadiq, founding director of the UQ AI Collaboratory, introduced the research and vision for the UQ AI Collaboratory, that brings together experts from computer science, engineering, business, and social sciences and collectively present a strong portfolio of fundamental knowledge critical for the future of AI. UQ’s vision for AI Future builds on our values of social prosperity and knowledge driven ambitions for public good, and the centre piece of our vision is partnerships – partnerships between disciplines, partnerships with platform providers, partnerships with AI users and domain experts, partnerships with the international scientific community, and partnership with government. 

The event featured four lightening talks as well as a wide range of demonstrations on AI powered tools and technologies for medical imaging, digital agriculture, eduTech, rehabilitation, misinformation detection, transport and roads, and digital health. 

Lightning Talks

Keynote Presentation 

Dr Vishal Sikka delivered an inspiring keynote  outlining five lessons from past, present and future of AI: 

  1. AI is an old field, with impressive recent results
  2. AI is seeing massive, but asymmetric, investment and adoption
  3. AI today has several fundamental issues
  4. AI needs a better way
  5. With a better approach, AI can be the next great amplifier of humanity

We invite you to join us in imagining a future of amplified human potential with AI. 

For further information on UQ AI Research and to engage with the UQ AI Collaboratory, please contact us