The digital competitiveness of any organisation implementing artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics depend mostly on high-quality large datasets for training and forecasting, collected from authoritative and realistic sources.

Advanced cyber-attacks and cyber threats have the power of mutating and breaking out faster than the response of current detection models. Prof. Ryan Ko and his research team use IoT security analytics; industrial control systems security analytics; network security analytics; blockchain security analytics; cloud security analytics; cyber security; and vulnerability detection to ensure that research on algorithms and approaches are state of the art.

UQ’s Cyber Security Research Centre and DATA61 are working together to create high-quality large cyber security datasets and explore their innovative and digital-competitiveness use.

The study will have two work packages:

• Establish a massive data collection environment to integrate data sets of normal operations, attack and defence scenarios, and APT information observed across Network and Security Operation Centres (NOC and SOC) in UQ (and its global partners) and DATA61.

• Strive to push the boundary of cyber big data analytics based on the created high-quality dataset.

Project members