Join a massive growth area as society looks for automated and continuous improvements on how to enhance business and our lives through the use of computing systems and data.

UQ offers AI focussed undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business Analytics.

Studying AI at UQ will give you the opportunity to participate in this emerging technology sector, either as a fundamental research, system and application developer, or as a leader to shepherd the development and development of these systems in the broader community, and understand the ethical and social impacts of the technology.

If you are new to AI, check out the UQ Library’s AI Essentials Module, and see below for courses and programs available for study.

Available programs

Students can undertake study in AI through:

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Study Options


Building Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Government Services

Based at the University of Queensland, Australia (a global top 50 university), one scholarship is available for a high calibre student to undertake research on a wide range of PhD projects from diverse academic disciplines examining responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Automated Decision Making (ADM) in Government funded Social Services. Projects may include questions such as:

In what ways does AI/ADM in social services impact on diverse populations?
How can we build AI/ADM that does not reproduce bias and disadvantage?
How might we co-design inclusive AI/ADM for disadvantaged social service users?
What might be the policy, legal and governance reforms required to ensure responsible AI/ADM in social services?
How can we develop explainable AI/ADM in social services?
What might be an Indigenous approach to AI/ADM in social services? (For Indigenous students)