Associate Professor Hongzhi Yin Named in IEEE 'AI's 10 to Watch' List 2022

4 May 2023

Associate Professor Hongzhi Yin has been named in the prestigious IEEE Computer Society 'AI's 10 to Watch' list for 2022, a biennial award that recognises 10 rising stars in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from among dozens of nominees. 

One of only four recipients from Australia in the past two decades, IEEE stated: "Hongzhi Yin has worked on trustworthy data intelligence to turn data into privacy-preserving, robust, explainable, and fair intelligent services in various industries and scenarios. He is also a leading expert researching and developing next generation intelligent systems and algorithms for lightweight on-device predictive analytics as well as recommendation and decentralized ML on massive and heterogeneous data."

To evaluate and select the nominees, IEEE Intelligent Systems assembled a diverse committee consisting of prominent AI leaders from a variety of AI subfields and different geographic regions of the world.

“We take pride in identifying young rising stars in AI and acknowledging and promoting their valuable contributions,” said San Murugesan, IEEE Intelligent System’s Editor in Chief in congratulating the 2022 AI’s 10 to Watch honorees. “In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of AI, which also offers better development tools and an enabling environment, young professionals and researchers are fortunate to be part of a golden era of AI. They have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact by directing their efforts toward areas that matter and have benefits for all of humanity. They should leverage their skills and expertise for the greater good and shape the future of AI for the better.”

Hongzhi Yin has previously received the prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship 2021 and the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2016. He was named in the 2022 Best Rising Stars of Science in the World, AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Honorable Mention in Data Mining (2023 and 2022 as the only recipient from Australia), and was featured in the World's Top 2% Scientists Lists (Career Impact) published by Stanford University (2022 and 2021) and Best Computer Science Scientists in Australia 2023.