Probabilistic Stable/Latent Diffusion Models

18 May 2023

Join Professor Brian Lovell, Siyu Liu, Yaxian Shi and Wei Dai as they give in depth introduction to stable diffusion - an AI method that has taken over social media recently and marks significant progress in computer vision. The discussion includes technical and mathematical details as well as an application to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Talk Structure
  1. Introduction to stable diffusion
  2. Technical introduction
  3. Mathematical introduction
  4. Applications and experiences for imaging

This video was filmed during UQ AI Collaboratory's Summer of AI.

The Summer of AI was a series of technical events including seminars, workshops and information sessions, open only to UQ staff and students. Now, everyone has the opportunity to access this great information through the Summer of AI video series, hosted by UQ AI's Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra.