AI Training and Support

7 Jun 2023

This three-part video series offers training and support to improve your knowledge and capabilites in three key areas of AI. 

1. High Performance Computing HPC Guide

An introduction to using HPC systems and SLURM.

Talk Structure
  1. Compute resources and where to find them
  2. HPC systems (Weiner/Bunya at the AI Collaboratory), their usage, and training models with demos
  3. FastX demo

2. Model Profiling Performance Tuning

Wei Dai covers the basics of tuning your deep learning models in Tensorflow and PyTorch based on the approach he used for his scientific publication: W. Dai et al., “CAN3D: Fast 3D medical image segmentation via compact context aggregation,” Medical Image Analysis. 

3. Model Deployment

Wendi Ma discusses how we are shipping deep learning algorithms to industry, and building test time deployment binaries.


The Getting Started in AI video series was created as part of the UQ AI Collaboratory's Summer of AI in 2021 and 2022.

The Summer of AI was a series of technical events including seminars, workshops and information sessions, open only to UQ staff and students. Now, everyone has the opportunity to access this great information through the Summer of AI video series, hosted by UQ AI's Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra.