Getting Started in AI Series

2 May 2023

The Getting Started in AI video series was created as part of the UQ AI Collaboratory's Summer of AI in 2021 and 2022.

The Summer of AI was a series of technical events including seminars, workshops and information sessions, open only to UQ staff and students. Now, everyone has the opportunity to access this great information through the Summer of AI video series, hosted by UQ AI's Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra . 

1. Explaining the AI Revolution - What, Why, How and the Future

Find out why it is worth paying attention to AI - spoiler, it’s here to stay and you should pay attention.

2. Crash course in Deep Learning

Learn about what makes the core of ANY deep learning model with a walkthrough of building a solution from scratch.

3. Deep Learning: Model ZOO

Discover all the different types of models available in Deep Learning and their uses and applications.

4. Objection Detection and Data Fusion talks

Ms Nathasha Naranpanawa and Dr Lu Zhang go through a review of Objection Detection and Data Fusion strategies with Deep Learning.