ChatGPT and Transformers

30 May 2023

Join Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra and guests as they discuss ChatGPT and language models, and look at Transformers.

1. ChatGPT: Optimising Language Models for Dialogue

Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra, Siyu Liu, Marlon Bran and Vladimir Morozov discuss an AI method that has taken over social media recently and marks significant progress in language - ChatGPT.

Talk Structure
  1. ChatGPT introduction
  2. Model/Technical introduction
  3. Vision Transformer introduction
  4. Applications and experiences for science


2. Transformers Journal Club

Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra leads a series of presentations from students in the Transformers Journal Club.

Talk Structure
  1. New image tokens and 3D imaging
  2. Attention for graphs


These videos were filmed during UQ AI Collaboratory's Summer of AI.

The Summer of AI was a series of technical events including seminars, workshops and information sessions, open only to UQ staff and students. Now, everyone has the opportunity to access this great information through the Summer of AI video series, hosted by UQ AI's Dr Shekhar "Shakes" Chandra.