This project will leverage momentum from our recent 5-country investigation of trust in AI, conducted in partnership with KPMG, to conduct a global study of public trust in AI.

This survey will examine and benchmark citizen trust in AI systems across 12 countries and will answer questions such as:

  • How does public trust and expectations of AI systems differ across countries?
  • What are the key drivers of trust and acceptance of AI systems?
  • What expectations do community members have of the governance, regulation and management of AI systems, and how well are these expectations being met?
  • How well does the public understand AI?
  • What entities are trusted to develop, use and govern AI?
  • Which applications of AI are more or less trusted?

We will survey nationally representative samples from 12 country using our established and validated survey methodology. The global research insights this survey will generate are highly valued by governments and industry who are strongly motivated to ensure AI use aligns with community and consumer expectations.

It will be of particular relevance to multinational companies and pan-governmental agencies that are using or governing AI systems across multiple jurisdictions.

This project will produce UQ research and impact on a global scale, and provide the ‘proof of concept’ required to seek funding from high profile international bodies (e.g., OECD or World Economic Forum) to enable the ongoing bi-annual benchmarking and tracking of changes in citizen trust globally.

The vision is to create an ongoing source of high profile and valued research that positions UQ as a globally recognised knowledge leader on Trusted AI (complementing UQ’s deep technical capability), and a longitudinal database for producing influential thought leadership and academic publications.

This project will strengthen and support our partnership with KPMG, who will co-fund data collection costs, co-produce the industry-oriented research report, and leverage their extensive global networks to increase the visibility and impact of the research.

Project members

Professor Nicole Gillespie

KPMG Chair in Trust
School of Business

Dr Steve Lockey

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Business

Dr Caitlin Curtis

School of Business
Affiliate Research Fellow
School of Public Health
Research Fellow
Centre for Policy Futures

Mr Javad Khazaei Pool

Research Associate, UQ Business School