• Low energy mobile devices

    Low energy mobile devices

    Browsing the internet involves transferring user behavioural data to a large-cloud based system, which in turn are massive consumers of energy.
  • Large-scale spatiotemporal data

    Large-scale spatiotemporal data

    This projects aims to develop advanced knowledge and techniques from data quality management, data storage and high-performing processing to data mining and ML for trends prediction in spatial information systems, intelligent transport systems, IoT, and streaming sensory data. analytics context
  • Information resilience

    Information resilience

    Prof. Shazia Sadiq leads research to address issues related to information resilience, including responsible use of data assets and data curation at scale.
  • Big-data analysis

    Big-data analysis

    Big-data analysis relates to conducting multi-disciplinary research on large-scale, unstructured, multimodal and complex data to find innovative and practical solutions, and creating value from big data in business, scientific and social applications.


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