• Professor Ben Hayes

    Centre Director, Animal Science
    Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
    Centre Director of Centre for Animal Science
    Centre for Animal Science
  • Associate Professor Yoni Nazarathy

    Associate Professor
    School of Mathematics and Physics
  • Professor Graeme Hammer

    Professorial Research Fellow
    Centre for Crop Science
  • Professor Daniel Rodriguez

    Professorial Research Fellow
    Centre for Crop Science
  • Associate Professor Andries Potgieter

    Principal Research Fellow
    Centre for Crop Science
  • Dr Hui Ma

    Senior Lecturer in Power & Energy Systems
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • 2022 UQ Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

    We are pleased to announce the 2nd UQ Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI). At UQ, researchers from across faculties and institutes are actively working on the development, application, and implications of AI in a diverse range of disciplines and application domains. Following the much-enjoyed university-wide workshop last year, the 2022 UQ Workshop on AI brings an opportunity for UQ experts (academics and students alike) to share knowledge and expertise, and importantly, build our community for exploring synergies and developing collaborations around AI.
  • AI Seminar Series

    AI Seminar Series will explore relevant topics in artificial intelligence and invite industry speakers and researchers to share their knowledge, experience and success - promoting transdisciplinary AI research and collaboration.
  • Machine learning for agriculture

    Machine learning for agriculture

    This research area focuses on the application of ML and deep-learning models to measure a range of plant traits pertinent to crop management and decision making.
  • Farming systems modelling

    Farming systems modelling

    Research and development of agricultural systems modelling.


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